First impressions? No, they are not our Pine Windows as we don`t offer them.

First, this window here (picture 1) is very good quality and its very expensive one! That is how any timber windows should look like and not like this.

Let us explain why we don’t offer Pine Windows and doors.

Reason number one why we don’t offer good quality pine windows and doors is price.
We could offer them like in the 1st picture but then the whole project would turn out very expensive! And actually, that would be the most expensive thing from the whole log cabin.

Second reson is Irish weather
Due to Irish climate pine windows and doors will twist and turn and will have to be adjusted regulary.

The third reason is maintenance.
Maintaining External side of windows and doors means repainting them regulary! And we and our customers do not want that.

So that is why we use uPVC windows and doors over Pine windows and doors and never look back.