All our log cabin measurement are taken from one end of the log to the other, so a 4.0m wide log cabin is exactly that, from the outer edge of the log to the outer edge is exactly 4.0m.  The base doesn’t specifically need to be to this measurement as all the logs have a crossover connection, this is generally 80mm.

So, for instance the base actually needed for a 4.00m wide log cabin is:

  • Length of log – 4000mm or 4.00m
  • Crossover – 80mm

Log – (crossover x2) = 3840mm or 3.84m

In this example we could make our base at exactly 3.84m wide and the log cabin will fit on it exactly.  Be careful though, there maybe a wiggle in the shuttering or somebody is not as exact as they could be, there’s no room for error when doing it exactly to the footprint so it might be wise to add a centimeter or two either side just in case.